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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Fact # 14

FACT : #14  

I’ve only swallowed three times in my life.

I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my very first time about thirty years ago.

I was on my knees in the shower and the guy came. He notice that he didn’t spill his seed. He asked me if I swallowed.  I said yes.  It was my first blow job ever.  He admonished me never to swallow.

It was still the height of the HIV/AIDS scare. There was still very contradictory information about the risk of oral.  Although there was not much cause for alarm, I did and do appreciate his concern and looking out for me.  He was like a mentor for me.  So the practice of spitting just stayed with me.

Now I love to feel the warm jizz shoot or ooze in my mouth.  Always have.  Once it happens, I’m happy and then spit.  But there have been two times when the force was so strong or there was so much cum I had to swallow. I actually found those times pretty hot. (Although one of those experiences weren’t welcomed.  I’ll post that later.)

I recently swallowed intentionally to see what it was like and I enjoyed it intensely. 

I was at a park.  I was feeling very horny and had three or four different guys face fuck me to completion.  It was pretty surreal and fun.

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  1. Never been face-fucked. But I swallowed back in the day....